Monday, February 11, 2013

First Half 1/2 Marathon

Yesterday I ran the Pacific Road Runners First Half 1/2 marathon (that's a bit of a mouthful!) It conveniently fell right in the middle of my marathon training, on a week that called for 13 miles - so i thought why not add .1 on there and call it a half marathon!

Last years race was a rainy one so I was delighted to see that this year called for sun and blue skies. I woke up bright and early to hydrate, eat (banana and almond butter protein smoothie to be exact) and get ready for the 8.30am start.

This is a small race of 2,000 runners, so arriving at 8.20am with a bag to check was no trouble at all - winner!

At 8.30am the gun went off and away we went. My first mile was a bit fast for me at 9min37 although I felt good so went with it and tried to slow a little. This is a pretty flat course, that loops around the seawall. On a blue sky, sunny day runs like this make me so happy that I live in Vancouver! It's just stunning, and I feel so lucky to be able to train for a marathon here :D

I kept plugging along, my pace was pretty steady but I needed to pee. Should I stop, was it just in my head? Around mile 4.5 I nipped in and out of the bathroom within a minute and got back on my way. I knew it would be so frustrating if I missed a PR by this time but I also didn't want to run another 1hr 45 needing to pee!

This little break left me a bit behind and 'orange top girl' who I had been trying to stay at the same pace as was in the distance. Now I was a bit further back I felt I needed to pass some of the people that had got in front during my break! Now I'm no speed demon but passing people is pretty fun ;) it kept me occupied and helped to keep my pace up.

About 2 miles before the finish I reached that point where I wished the race would be over, this is no surprise as my longest run so far has been 11miles, but I told myself I needed to run only ~ 20minutes more then I could eat/ drink / lay down, whatever!
Once you come off the seawall there is a joyously placed incline to get back to the street the finish line is on - I thought I might walk up it but ended up running, and for that last km pushed my way to the finish line. I crossed the line in 2hr 16mins which is a 5 minute PR for me!

John and his Mum were at the finish line waiting for me and we headed off for brunch. Coffee, water, beer and bacon were all consumed :)

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